Windshield Wiper Blade Replacement $39.95
4-Wheel Alignment $119.95
Conventional Oil Change $34.99

Up to 5 Quarts of Oil

Synthetic Oil Change $54.95

Up to 5 Quarts Oil

Cabin and Air Filter Change $10.00 Off

Save on Your Next Toyota Service Procedure at Our Kent Service Department

As a dealership committed to the greater Kent community, Toyota of Kent offers cost-saving, service-special coupons across the most popular and important procedures performed daily at our Toyota Service Center.

By virtue of these specials, they also serve as a reminder to stay atop of Toyota maintenance at a dedicated, Toyota-certified facility. In this, there's the added benefit of improved performance and safety.

As well, we service all makes and models, too, near Cuyahoga Falls.

Popular Service Procedures Often Featuring Savings at Toyota of Kent

It's our mission to help ensure your Toyota 4Runner has what it needs for optimal performance spanning all systems, parts and components. And with each system relying upon the other, it's best practice to keep a well-maintained Toyota Tacoma for any challenges ahead outside Hartville.

So, browse below our most popular service and maintenance procedures often with special coupons  applied.

Tire Servicing

At Toyota of Kent, tire servicing incorporates the following details and elements:

  • Tire rotations mitigate tread wear and enhance health of axles and wheel alignment.
  • Inspection of treads and sidewalls is an important function in determining tire vitality.
  • Tire-pressure checks and proper inflation enable safe traveling past Portage County.

And should tires be deemed too worn for continued service, Toyota of Kent hosts a complete inventory of new tires. The choice across brands being yours to facilitate should a new tire assortment be needed.

Oil Changes

Oil changes performed at Toyota of Kent are one aspect to vehicle maintenance that is extremely beneficial. With a fresh supply of untainted oil, your engine has what it needs for parts' lubrication. As well, our technicians will also check belts and hoses for anything in need of replacement.

Timed to the changing of seasons in Ohio, oil changes do much to enhance engine performance, fuel economy and the robustness of internal engine parts.

Brake Systems

As a confluence of parts, brake systems require constant monitoring and upkeep. Given role, brake parts of rotors and pads require sufficient surfacing for maximum effectiveness.

As well, calipers housing brake pads often experience the corrosive affects of rust with all the road-salt laid down during a Kent winter.

With a full supply of Toyota OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) brake parts on-hand, you're assured of continued Toyota quality and longevity as only Toyota OEM parts may deliver.

Battery Servicing

Like tire servicing at Toyota of Kent, battery servicing also comprises a multi-pronged approach encompassing the following details:

  • Using special equipment, your Toyota Highlander battery will be tested for strength and storage capacity.
  • Connections and terminals will be cleared of toxic residue and made sure of everything fitting properly.
  • If a Toyota Camry battery is found too worn for charging, Toyota of Kent offers a full stock of batteries, with some brands experiencing parts specials when applied.

Given the importance of vehicle batteries and toxic nature of battery acid, leave battery servicing to the experts at Toyota of Kent. In a safe space, your battery will be fully serviced, diagnosed and disposed of if necessary.

Redeem Your Service-Special Coupons Today and Schedule Service Online

Once accessing our dedicated service-specials page, there will be select coupons to print for redeeming before your procedure.

At this point, you may also secure your service-special procedure using our online service scheduler. By selecting a date and time convenient, you now have no excuse as to servicing your Toyota Tundra as it should be.

Toyota of Kent - Home to Cost-Saving, Service-Special Coupons

Contact us today with any questions regarding our service-special coupons and how to redeem.

With cost-savings intact, there's never been a better time to service your Toyota RAV4 near Stow.

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