Get an Instant Offer to Buy Your Car (It's An Offer You're Going to Like)

There are two things about our Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer that you'll be happy about. One, it really is instant. Just fill in a few facts about your vehicle and you'll get an immediate cash offer to buy your car. Two, the offer is probably going to be higher than you expected. You don't mind getting a lot for the vehicle you're driving, right? Due to a big demand for used vehicles, we're making some of our best cash and trade-in offers ever.

What exactly is a Kelley Blue Book® Instant Cash Offer?

Kelley Blue Book® (or KBB), as you probably know, is the leading authority on the value of pre-owned cars. Our KBB Instant Cash Offer is an actual offer to buy your used car, truck or SUV. You can use the offer to get cash from us and you're free to walk out the door. There's no obligation to buy from us. Or you can take that generous offer as a nice, high trade-in value that can reduce the cost of your next car by a whole lot.

What's the deadline to accept the offer?

Your KBB Instant Cash Offer is good for 7 days and you can redeem it during regular business hours at our dealership, Toyota of Kent in Kent, OH. To redeem your offer, just bring your vehicle, your title and your keys to us and we'll confirm the offer on your car, truck or SUV. We also encourage you to bring any loan payoff information with you so we can use your cash offer to pay off any loan balance you owe on your present vehicle.

When I get an offer, am I obligated to take it?

Not at all. It's an offer and like any offer, you're free to accept it or decide to take a pass. It's totally up to you.

What's it cost to get a KBB Instant Cash Offer?

There's no cost whatsoever. We make the offer to our customers in communities like Stow or Cuyahoga Falls, OH with no fee involved. That means you don't risk a thing simply by asking us to make you an offer on your car.

Do I have to buy a car from you to get the offer?

Absolutely not. Sellers from Hartville, OH or anywhere else in Ohio are free to simply sign the acceptance agreement, take our offer and our check for the full final amount of our offer and head back home. You're also free to use the KBB Instant Cash Offer as a generous trade-in on your next vehicle when you get a new or used car, truck or SUV from us.

How long does it usually take to get my offer?

Most of the time our customers in Portage County, OH will get the offer immediately or within minutes after you submit a properly completed form. There are rare times when heavy volume might result in the offer taking somewhat longer to reach you but that's unusual. The KBB Instant Cash Offer at Toyota of Kent isn't available for all makes and models. If your vehicle is outside the available categories, you won't receive an offer.

Why are you making such high offers for used cars right now?

USA Today reported that in the most recent full year, the average price for used cars and trucks went up about 40%. How is that possible when the value of used cars has always gone down? It's because of the unexpected global shortage of cars. Fewer cars means each one is worth more. That unusual situation is allowing us to make some of the best cash and trade-in offers in our history. We urge you to take advantage of this unique opportunity.